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Welcome to Elmer Community Portal!

Elmerfem.org is an auxiliary site for the Elmer FEM project of CSC - IT Centre for Science. The purpose of elmerfem.org is to host services of the user community. These incluce currently Discussion Forum, Wiki, Doxygen, and the community portal for Elmer/Ice community. Links to the official home page and other related sites can be found from the top of this page.

Elmerfem.org was launched in 19. Aug 2009. At that time the project was facing numerous request from the user community to contribute which the the official home page cannot facilitate. Having the services of the community, and for the community an a separate server provides the needed flexibility. We believe this makes the services easier to access and maintain, and leads to a better quality-of-service for the benefit of all Elmer users. The main purpose of the site is to host the Discussion Forum and Wiki pages for the Elmer project.

The Discussion Forum on this site has by now replaced the old Elmer mailing lists (elmerdiscussion and elmerupdates) which have served us well for years. Since the archives of the old mailing lists contain thousands of posts and information dating back to 2005, we understand that the new forum can not immediately replace the old mail-based system. There is a sticky post in the "General discussion" forum for more details about accessing the old mail archives.

Elmer Wiki and the Discussion Forum are open to all registred users to contribute. To avoid excessive spamming we have had to introduce admin controls for the registration of the forum and wiki alike. Consider this only as a formality - if you seem like not a spammer you will automatically be granted the permissions to participate.