Fourth Elmer/Ice Users Meeting - EGU 2017

The fourth Elmer/Ice Users meeting took place during EGU 2017, Wednesday 25 April 2017, from 12:15 to 15:00, Room 0.51. The agenda and the slides presented during the meeting are given below.

Third Elmer/Ice Users Meeting - EGU 2015

The third Elmer/Ice Users meeting took place during EGU 2015, Tuesday 14th May, 12:15-15:00, Room R3.


Second Elmer/Ice Users Meeting - EGU 2014

The second Elmer/Ice Users meeting took during EGU 2014, Tuesday 29th May, 12:15-15:00, Room Y3.


First Elmer/Ice Users Meeting - EGU 2013

The first Elmer/Ice Users meeting was organised during the EGU 2013, Tuesday 9th April 12:15-15:00, Room Y3.


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