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First Elmer/Ice Users Meeting - EGU 2013

During EGU 2013, there will be a first Elmer/Ice Users meeting, Tuesday 9th April 12:15-15:00, Room Y3.


  • General presentation of Elmer/Ice – Olivier Gagliardini (LGGE)
  • Recent important developments – Thomas Zwinger (CSC)
  • Calving in Elmer/Ice
    • Joe Todd (Scott Polar Research Institute)
    • Jean Krug (LGGE)
  • Work in Rovaniemi and sediment model - Rupert Gladstone (Arctic Centre)
  • Dorothée Vallot (Upssala) – PhD program…
  • Cavity and erosion - Flavien Beaud (SFU)
  • Other know developments from people not at EGU
    • Hydrology: Basile de Fleurian (LGGE) and Mauro Werder (SFU) models
    • Temperature: Enthalpy solver, Adrien Gilbert (LGGE)
    • Need of higher-order models ?
  • Discussion / Prospective / Strategy for the future developments
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