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 ===== Basal Hydrology models ===== ===== Basal Hydrology models =====
-There is one basal hydrology ​model implemented right now in Elmer/​Ice. ​An other one, the GlaDS model, from Werder et al. (2013) is under development.  ​+There is two basal hydrology ​models ​implemented right now in Elmer/​Ice. ​
 ==== Double Continuum Equivalent Hydrological Model ==== ==== Double Continuum Equivalent Hydrological Model ====
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 ==== GlaDS model (Werder et al., 2013) ==== ==== GlaDS model (Werder et al., 2013) ====
-More information ​will follow when available. ​+=== General Description ==== 
 +The model consists of three solvers described on [[solvers:​glads|this page]]. User functions ​will be made available ​for the coupling with ice flow (Stokes or SSA) 
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