A template for a typical Stokes Solver sif-entry:

Solver 1
  Equation = "Navier-Stokes"

  Stabilization Method = String Bubbles
  Flow Model = Stokes

  Linear System Solver = Direct
  Linear System Direct Method = umfpack

  Nonlinear System Max Iterations = 100
  Nonlinear System Convergence Tolerance  = 1.0e-5
  ! first 5 iterations or convergence < 1.e-2 before moving from
  ! Picard to Newton
  Nonlinear System Newton After Iterations = 5
  Nonlinear System Newton After Tolerance = 1.0e-02
  Nonlinear System Relaxation Factor = 1.00
  ! reset newton to false each new time step
  Nonlinear System Reset Newton = Logical True

  Steady State Convergence Tolerance = Real 1.0e-3

The Newton linearisation gives a quadratic convergence whereas Picard is linear, at least some Picard iterations are however required.

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