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   * stress exponent n=''​h.i''​   * stress exponent n=''​h.i''​
   * model used for tabulation =''​M''​ (''​V''​ holds for VPSC model)   * model used for tabulation =''​M''​ (''​V''​ holds for VPSC model)
 +__2.5D model – AIFlow solver accounting for flow width__
 +Any real ensemble of flow lines may widen or get narrow, so the width of this flow tube can be accounted for in a two dimensional (x,z) model in the AIFlow solver (2.5D model). In the **Material section**, add the **FlowWidth** key word, that contains the width of the flow tube. For mass conservation,​ the accumulation area that should be considered correspond to the upper surface area that depends on the flow width.
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