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 End End
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +==== Example ====
 +Two basic tests can be found in ''​[ELMER_TRUNK]/​elmerice/​Tests/​Hydro_SedOnly''​ and ''​[ELMER_TRUNK]/​elmerice/​Tests/​Hydro_Coupled''​.
 +==== Reference ====
 +When used this solver can be cited using the following reference :\\
 +de Fleurian, B.; Gagliardini,​ O.; Zwinger, T.; Durand, G.; Le Meur, E.; Mair, D. & Råback, P. A double continuum hydrological model for glacier applications The Cryosphere, 2014, 8, 137-153
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