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 ==== General Description ==== ==== General Description ====
 +For a given boundary, this solver computes the nodal stress equivalent to a given nodal force. Force here means the result of a variable, named stress, which is of the same units than the force but per unit-area in 3D or unit-length in 2D. This can be used also to infer the flux from the value of a debit or to infer a tangential stress from the value of a tangential force. ​
 ==== SIF contents ==== ==== SIF contents ====
-For a given boundarythis solver computes ​the nodal stress ​equivalent to given nodal normal force. This can be used also to infer the flux from the knowledge ​of a debit +In the SIF example below, the normal ​stress ​on boundary is inferred ​from the 3rd component ​of the Stokes residual
 <​code>​ <​code>​
 Solver 1 Solver 1
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   Stabilization Method = String Stabilized   Stabilization Method = String Stabilized
   Flow Model = Stokes   Flow Model = Stokes
   ...   ...
-  Exported Variable 1 = Flow Solution Loads[Fx:1 Fy:1 Force:1 CEQ Residual:1 ]+  Exported Variable 1 = Flow Solution Loads[Fx:1 Fy:1 Fz:1 CEQ Residual:1 ]
   Calculate Loads = Logical True   Calculate Loads = Logical True
 End End
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 Solver 2 Solver 2
     Equation = "​ForceToStress"​     Equation = "​ForceToStress"​
-    Procedure = File "./​ForceToStress" "​ForceToStress"​+    Procedure = File "ElmerIceSolvers" "​ForceToStress"​
     Variable = String "​Stress"​     Variable = String "​Stress"​
     Variable DOFs = 1     Variable DOFs = 1
 +    ​
 +    Force Variable Name = String "​Fz"​
     Linear System Solver = Direct     Linear System Solver = Direct
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 ==== Examples ==== ==== Examples ====
-Download an example using the FlowDepth ​Solver. ​TODO+ 
 +In the example ​found in ''​[ELMER_TRUNK]/​elmerice/​Tests/​ForceToStress'',​ a pressure applied on a boundary is first integrated to get  nodal force using the [[solvers:​gethydrostaticloads|GetHydrostaticLoad Solver]], and then the pressure is recovered ​using the ''​ForceToStress'' ​Solver. ​  
 +2 more tests were added on 15-12-2018:​ 
 +[ELMER_TRUNK]/​elmerice/​Tests/​ForceToStress_periodic:​ Test periodic conditions 
 +[ELMER_TRUNK]/​elmerice/​Tests/​ForceToStress_parallel:​ Test parallel solver
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