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 ==== Examples ==== ==== Examples ====
 A 3D examples can be found in ''​[ELMER_TRUNK]/​elmerice/​Tests/​InvMeth*''​. A 3D examples can be found in ''​[ELMER_TRUNK]/​elmerice/​Tests/​InvMeth*''​.
 +==== Note about Continuous/​Discrete Gradients ====
 +It is recommended to use the 'Mesh Independent = Logical True' keyword, as this accounts for the variable '​footprint'​ (i.e. element area) of different nodes on the base of the mesh. This issue becomes particularly noticeable when there is a large variation in mesh resolution across the domain. In such cases, without 'Mesh Independent = Logical True', M1QN3 will tend to alter Beta values only in regions where elements are large (as these make the largest contribution to the discrete cost gradient).
 ==== Solver'​s references to cite ==== ==== Solver'​s references to cite ====
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