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solvers:mmg2d_metricintersect [Elmer/Ice Wiki]


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   * **Solver Fortran File:** ''​MMG2D_MetricIntersect.F90''​   * **Solver Fortran File:** ''​MMG2D_MetricIntersect.F90''​
-  * **Solver Name:** ''​ElmerIce_MeshAdapt2D(MMG2D_MetricAniso)''​+  * **Solver Name:** ''​ElmerIce_MeshAdapt2D(MMG2D_MetricIntersect)''​
   * **Required Output Variable(s):​** ​   * **Required Output Variable(s):​** ​
     * (1) ''​Metric 1_2'' ​     * (1) ''​Metric 1_2'' ​
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