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 End End
-! Gravity force+! Gravity force is directly the ice density time the gravity¬†
 +! It is further multiplied by the relative density in the Porous solver
 Body Force 1 Body Force 1
   Porous Force 1 = Real 0.0E00   Porous Force 1 = Real 0.0E00
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   Min Second Invariant = Real 1.0E-10   Min Second Invariant = Real 1.0E-10
   Fluidity Parameter = Real $B  ! MPa^{-3}a^{-1} ​   Fluidity Parameter = Real $B  ! MPa^{-3}a^{-1} ​
 +! Just for output purpose, not needed by the Porous solver ​  
 ! Density as a function of relative density ! Density as a function of relative density
   Density = Variable Relative Density   Density = Variable Relative Density
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