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Who is doing What?

Who is doing What in the Elmer/Ice community? What are the current developments and who to contact if you are interested? Here are these informations, to be updated from time to time…

Hydrology model

- Model by Basile de Fleurian, based on a double continuum approach. Same equations for both the the inefficient and efficient drainage systems (Darcy law). A paper should is in preparation. Contact: Basile de Fleurian, Olivier Gagliardini - Model by Mauro Werder, based on GlaDS (Glacier Drainage System model, Werder et al., submitted JGR 2013), based on the empirical Darcy-Weishbach law (turbulent flow) for both teh water sheet and the channels. Channels stand on the edges of the surface elements. Contact: Mauro Werder, Olivier Gagliardini

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