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Who is doing What?

Who is doing What in the Elmer/Ice community? What are the current developments and who to contact if you are interested? Here are these informations, to be updated from time to time…

Hydrology models

  1. Model by Basile de Fleurian, based on a double continuum approach. Same equations for both the the inefficient and efficient drainage systems (Darcy law). A paper should is in preparation. Contact: Basile de Fleurian, Olivier Gagliardini
  2. Model by Mauro Werder, based on GlaDS (Glacier Drainage System model, Werder et al., submitted JGR 2013), based on the empirical Darcy-Weishbach law (turbulent flow) for both teh water sheet and the channels. Channels stand on the edges of the surface elements. Contact: Mauro Werder, Olivier Gagliardini
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