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Who is doing What?

Who is doing What in the Elmer/Ice community? What are the current developments and who to contact if you are interested? What are the projects for the near future? Here are these informations, to be updated from time to time…


  • Model by Mauro Werder, based on GlaDS (Glacier Drainage System model, Werder et al., submitted JGR 2013), based on the empirical Darcy-Weishbach law (turbulent flow) for both the water sheet and the channels. Channels stand on the edges of the surface elements. Contact: Mauro Werder (SFU, Vancouver), Olivier Gagliardini (LGGE, Grenoble)


  • Model developed by Joe Todd, following the work by Sue Cook, based on a crevasse depth criteria. Development of solvers to interpolate the variables from the old to the new mesh after a calving event. Contact: Joe Todd (SPRI, Cambridge)
  • Model developed by Jean Krug, based on damage mechanics and linear elastic fracture mechanics for the calving criteria. Contact: Jean Krug and Gaël Durand (LGGE)
  • Plan to integrate discrete particle model in Elmer/Ice simulation of calving glacier. Contact: Jan Åström and Thomas Zwinger (CSC)
  • Sue Cook (UNIS)

Ice Temperature

  • Enthalpy model in development by Adrien Gilbert, including a solver for water percolation in firn. Contact: Adrien Gilbert (LGGE)


  • At Dome A, AAIS: prescribed anisotropy with Martín and Gudmundsson model. Age/depth relation using semi-Lagrangian solver. Contact: Thomas Zwinger (CSC, BNU-GCESS), Liyun Zhao (BNU-GCESS), Carlos Martín (BAS)
  • At Scharffenbergbotnen, Dronning Maud Land, AAIS: influence of anisotropy on the dynamics of a Blue Ice Area (BIA) using Martín and Gudmundsson model. Age/depth relation using semi-Lagrangian solver. Contact: Thomas Zwinger (CSC), Martina Schäfer (Arctic Center, Univ. Lapland), Carlos Martín (BAS)

Fast massive parallel Stokes solver

  • Block pre-conditioner and fast linear iterative solver strategies
  • Deformation and partitioning + extrusion of vertically structured meshes
  • Application on ice-sheet scale
  • Contact: Mika Malinen and Thomas Zwinger (CSC), Fabien Gillet-Chaulet (LGGE), earlier also Jonas Thies (Univ. Uppsala)

Deformable sediment

  • Plan for the development of deformable sediment by Rupert Gladstone (Rovaniemi)
  • Inverse modeling of basal drag and developpement and/or coupling of sediment deformation and hydrological models by Dorothée Vallot (Uppsala)

Lower Stokes equations

  • Project of coupling SIA and Stokes in Elmer/Ice by Josefin Ahlkrona (Uppsala)

Coupling with an ocean model

  • project by Rupert Gladstone (Rovaniemi) to couple ROMS (Regional Ocean Modelling System, developed to include sub shelf processes by Ben Galton-Fenzi) with an ice flow model, potentially Elmer/Ice.
  • project to implement a Plume model in Elmer/Ice, starting October 2013 by Nicolas Jourdain (LGGE)

Permafrost model

  • project by Denis Cohen, Juha hartikainen (Tampere), Peter Råback and Thomas Zwinger to have an integrated Enthalpy formulation to be solved in glacier as well as the bedrock. Starting from simple mixture models, the plan is to develop a system of equations including salinity and liquid phase transport. Updates are being pushed to branch “permafrost”

Coupling with a RCM

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