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by robelino
26 Jul 2023, 10:10
Forum: Elmer/Ice
Topic: Divergence Stokes solver with mesh refinement
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Divergence Stokes solver with mesh refinement

Hi there, I am running a transient simulation to make a diagnostic of a Scandinavian glacier. I use a solver which compute the mass balance in function of elevation in the glacier and then actualise the free surface elevation with the free surface solver. I made some tests with a resolution of 100 m...
by robelino
21 Jun 2023, 15:24
Forum: General
Topic: String with time dependance
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String with time dependance

Hi there, I am currently doing a transient simulation of a glacier with 60 timesteps of 1 year. I defined the year of reference (1958) and extract the results at different timesteps (1959, 1969, 1980, 1990, 1999, 2017). Simulation Coordinate System = Cartesian 3D ! Transient simulation Simulation Ty...
by robelino
26 Apr 2023, 17:58
Forum: Elmer/Ice
Topic: Transient Simulation using SyntSMB
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Transient Simulation using SyntSMB

Hi there ! I planned to do a diagnostic run using the solver "SyntSMB". I have the annual mass balance of the glacier. I want to change the value of each parameters of the solver at each timestep. Is there a way to read a datafile that change the value of the parameter at each timestep ? O...