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by tzwinger
18 Oct 2010, 16:14
Forum: ElmerPost
Topic: How to display an additional field variable?
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Re: How to display an additional field variable?

Dear Peter, I could reply your error with a different, but similar case. When I drop the SaveMaterials (Exec Solver = Never), the run survives. Can you confirm that this is also the case for you? I checked with a debugger, but actually did not find an issue directly in SaveMaterials. Will try to hav...
by tzwinger
18 Oct 2010, 09:41
Forum: ElmerSolver
Topic: communication between partitions in parallel
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Re: communication between partitions in parallel

Hi Lionel, in parallel computing communication (i.e., utilizing the MPI calls) is the main cause of performance limits. The less your parallel tasks have to talk to each other, the more they can spend on doing the number-crunching. Especially if you use blocking communication (when often CPU's are i...
by tzwinger
16 Oct 2010, 19:45
Forum: Installation & compilation
Topic: (last module) fem does not compile.
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Re: (last module) fem does not compile.

For the RHEL 5 issue with the completely outdated gcc version. ASFAIK there is a gcc test-package within RHEL 5 that has a version of gcc that already has the needed feature ...
by tzwinger
25 Feb 2010, 10:27
Forum: Installation & compilation
Topic: user-defined library segmentation fault
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Re: user-defined library segmentation fault

hard to tell without debugging info where things go wrong. As a first try I'd take out the "Eliminate Dirichlet". If you have a pathological case, you could send it to me.


by tzwinger
24 Nov 2009, 15:12
Forum: ElmerSolver
Topic: Modelling turbulent flow
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Re: Modelling turbulent flow

Martijn, I am astonished that you get convergence at all, especially with the higher Re-numbers. perhaps you could take 2 measures: 1) switch in a turbulence model (k-epsilon, for instance) 2) try to resolve (I do not know how fine your mesh is now) finer around the cylinders And finally, some effec...
by tzwinger
24 Nov 2009, 14:20
Forum: ElmerSolver
Topic: derivative wrt normal vector
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Re: derivative wrt normal vector

Hi Suren, (i) In the NS-source code I can see an internal subroutine LCondensate (for nb > 0) ... what does that do actually? I have coded without this... but got a good result in case of Newtonian fluid (flow law exponent n =1)... including this subroutine doesn't affect/improve the outcomes... Thi...
by tzwinger
09 Sep 2009, 08:59
Forum: Installation & compilation
Topic: Installing Elmer on Debian Lenny
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Re: Installing Elmer on Debian Lenny

I'm not 100% sure, but I believe Debian 5.0 provides both VTK (libvtk5-qt4-dev) and OpenCascade (libopencascade-dev). See also I think the OpenCascade package for Lenny is to be found in Adam Powell's repository (see http://www.opennovat...