Extension of Elmer in computational glaciology


Postby KevinB » 23 Mar 2015, 00:08


I am trying to simulate the 2D glacier toy model (synthetic glacier from Reykjavik courses) with my own finite element code. But I have some
problems with the boundary conditions for the side surfaces. I have imposed u=0 (the first component of the velocity) but I do not know what is the condition for
v (the second component of the velocity). Is the stress egal to 0 in the z direction ? Can you help me, please.

Thank you in advance
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Re: Elmer-2Dglaciertoymodel

Postby tzwinger » 23 Mar 2015, 09:45

Dear Kevin,
the "side" boundaries in the test example for the Reykjavik course simply set the horizontal velocity component (what ever direction this is in your model, in ours it is X or direction #1) to zero while leaving the vertical (in our model Y or #2) without a Dirichlet condition, which - by the natural boundary condition - means that y-component of the Cauchy-stress vector vanishes on this surface. Nevertheless, I do not think that this boundary condition is so crucial, you just might as well use a complete no-slip boundary in Elmer there. As I do not have insight into your code it is difficult to give you advice how to exactly reproduce this behaviour with your own FEM solver (and in the last consequence not the purpose of this forum),


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