help to simulate the antarctic ice sheet

Extension of Elmer in computational glaciology
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zhang liangfu
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help to simulate the antarctic ice sheet

Post by zhang liangfu » 18 Aug 2015, 05:47

Hi ,

I am a student and I am still a beginner in using Elmer/Ice. so I'm sorry if this question is too noobish.

I encountered several problems in the simulation of the ice sheet,I summaries as follows:

(1)I used the Elmer/ice model to simulate the Antarctic ice sheet ,the entire ice sheet I want to simulate is very big.The process of the simulation is modified from the process of the simulation of the Tête Rousse .so,I think there are something wrong with the mesh generation and other solver I use,if I want to simulate the very big ice sheet,what should I do to solve the problem,any help is hopeful.

(2)as the above problem,I select a small part of the ice sheet to simulate,this time I simulate the ice sheet correctly,but I meet another question.the Steady State Max Iterations is 20 and it will produce 20 files,I just do not know How I choose the files to analyse .By the way ,the more iterations the good results is or on the countary.

(3)if I select the right results , then I want to do a research to a section,I see a way to save a line results solver,I add the solver in the sif file,it can work correctly,I just do not know if there is a same solver to save a adequate section information or some one who know how to obtain a section information.any help is welcome.

looking forward to all of you
yours sincerely

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Re: help to simulate the antarctic ice sheet

Post by annier » 18 Aug 2015, 06:09

Hi Zhang Liangfu,
You can read the following work(s) through Elmer on glacier modeling. ... y_glaciers

Yours Sincerely
Anil Kunwar
Anil Kunwar
Department of Materials Engineering, KU Leuven, Belgium

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