the temperature of the bottom of the bed of the ice

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the temperature of the bottom of the bed of the ice

Postby zhang liangfu » 13 Oct 2015, 13:39

Hi every one,
I was doing some research in the temperature of the antarctic ice sheet,I add the temperature as the website said
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Every thing goes well ,but when I want to obtain the temeprature,the problem occurs.the temperature of the bottom is 274 but the pressure melting point I set was
!! pressuremeltingpoint (in SI units)
$ function pressuremeltingpoint2(D) {\
P = 910*D*9.81;\
if (P<0.0) P=0.0;\

In my opinion ,the temperature must be under the pressure melting point,the results I obtain as follows:
By the way ,I also have some questions about the parameter of the glen's law .in my sif file I set the parameters as follows:
! Prefactor from Cuffey and Paterson (2010) in MPa^{-3} a^{-1}
$A1 = 1.258e13
$A2 = 6.046e28
$Q1 = 78.80e3
$Q2 = 139.0e3

I do not know where I can obtain these parameters or what parameters should I set .
I am a newer,any help is welcome

looking forward to everyone of you
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zhang liangfu
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Re: the temperature of the bottom of the bed of the ice

Postby joeatodd » 15 Oct 2015, 14:12


For the temperature problem, did you set the following in the temperature solver section?
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Loop While Unconstrained Nodes = Logical True

For the values of the parameters you mention, reasonable values are listed on this page: ... rheology&s[]=glen
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