ctest failures

Extension of Elmer in computational glaciology
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nate maier
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ctest failures

Post by nate maier » 11 Jan 2017, 02:26

Hey all,

I just finished an install of elmer and elmer/ice on a fresh Ubuntu 14.04.5 OS(virtual machine). I installed elmer following the installation instructions for Ubuntu 14.04 found in the forum:


I used the cmake-gui as I found it more straight forward to trouble shoot errors than compiling the Makefile myself.

Post-install I ran ctest with the following report:

99% tests passed, 7 tests failed out of 533

Label Time Summary:
aster = 18.19 sec
benchmark = 158.14 sec
contact = 175.62 sec
eliminate = 4.18 sec
elmerice = 8307.21 sec
elmerice-fast = 66.08 sec
elmerice-long = 7650.59 sec
heateq = 612.78 sec
hutiter = 11.12 sec
hypre = 160.42 sec
mumps = 18.92 sec
netcdf = 0.33 sec
parallel = 1001.52 sec
particle = 33.99 sec
quick = 100.61 sec
serial = 1955.12 sec
slow = 373.89 sec
threaded = 9.78 sec
whitney = 476.68 sec

Total Test time (real) = 10890.28 sec

The following tests FAILED:

15 - GridDataReader (Failed)
40 - ScatteredDataInterpolator (Failed)
158 - InternalPartitioning4 (Failed)
177 - InternalPartitioning5 (Failed)
193 - InternalPartitioning6 (Failed)
365 - InternalPartitioning3_np6 (Failed)
438 - WinkelPartitionMetisConnect_np8 (Failed)

I am having trouble finding information about how to fix the errors associated with the failed tests. I know GridDataReader is important for the functionality of elmer/ice in terms of data assimilation. Any help would be appreciated! I am fairly new to the linux environment, so maybe there is an obvious way to determine why the tests failed and fix the install.


Nathan Maier

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Re: ctest failures

Post by gagliar » 11 Jan 2017, 18:09

Dear Nathan,

Only the two firsts of the 7 tests that failed are Elmer/Ice tests.
The error might be that you need specific options to compile these two solvers. Have a look on the wiki:
http://elmerice.elmerfem.org/wiki/doku. ... datareader (netcdf lib)
http://elmerice.elmerfem.org/wiki/doku. ... :scattered (netcdf, csa, and nn lib)

If you still have an error, I would suggest to look at the log files in build/elmerice/Tests/Scatte*/ and build/elmerice/Tests/grid*/ so that one can see more clearly why these tests failed.

For the 5 other tests (don't know exactly them, but from the names, certainly require parallel computing, and mpi to be compiled), it might be that you haven't compiled the mpi version of ElmerSolver?

Hope it helps,

nate maier
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Re: ctest failures

Post by nate maier » 12 Jan 2017, 21:41


It appears both GridDataReader and ScatterDataInterpolator were not installed with elmer and need to be installed separately. That makes sense since the ctests for each function failed immediately. I am going to follow the directions on github to install both functions and see if that fixes the ctests failures. Since I did a non-parallel installation (-j1), I bet that is why the other functions failed. Not to worried about that currently.

I'll keep you posted on progress. Thanks for the help thus-far!



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Re: ctest failures

Post by raback » 13 Jan 2017, 12:11


The internal meshing features are certainly not needed. They are undocumented features in the pipeline.

The Metis partitioning probably has consistenty problems because it is a heuristic algorithm that might give different solutions on different platforms.


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