Problems with executing Elmer/Ice examples

Extension of Elmer in computational glaciology

Problems with executing Elmer/Ice examples

Postby glebcher » 14 Apr 2018, 22:07


I am a new Elmer/Ice user. The program (Elmer with Elmer/Ice) was just installed on my computer (OS Ubuntu 16.04 LTS), so I have never used it before. The tests for Elmer/Ice were started from command line with
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ctest -L elmerice
and were passed almost completely (41 of 42, except Contact test). The first question is whether this installation error is crucial and I would not be able to use the system effectively with it?

The second problem arose when I tried to execute my first Elmer/Ice example Toy flow-line model from Elmer/Ice courses. First, I put the directory TestGlacier with data and code to elmerice directory (the full path is home/home/elmerfem-release-8.3/elmerice/examples/TestGlacier). Then I perform in command line consequently
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gmsh -2 testglacier.geo 
ElmerGrid 14 2 testglacier.msh\ –autoclean –order 0.1 1.0 0.01
emacs Stokes_diagnostic.sif 
ElmerSolver Stokes_diagnostic.sif

I got two error messages (see attachments). The files testglacier.msh and Stokes_diagnostic.sif do exist.
Their full paths are
So I don't have any output and don't understand what is wrong. I would be very grateful for any help or advise.

Reply to ElmerSolver Stokes_diagnostic.sif
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Reply to ElmerGrid 14 2 testglacier.msh\ –autoclean –order 0.1 1.0 0.01
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Re: Problems with executing Elmer/Ice examples

Postby gagliar » Yesterday, 16:43

Hi Gleb,

The problem with the Contact test is not an issue and the fact that 41 of the 42 tests have passed indicates that you have a working Elmer/Ice program.

For the TestGlacier, when you untar the archive from the wiki ( ... 017.tar.gz), you should get a directory TestGlacier which contains at least the two files Stokes_diagnostic.sif and testglacier.geo

To create the mesh :
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gmsh -1 -2 testglacier.geo

should create testglacier.msh (if not, what is the error message?). Then,
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ElmerGrid 14 2 testglacier.msh –autoclean

should create the Elmer mesh (a directory named testglacier with 4 files mesh.* inside).
It seems that you have added a "\" after testglacier.msh that might have created a problem?

Then, if you don't have the Elmer mesh, the execution of ElmerSolver will not work. So, the second error is due to the first one.

Hope it helps,
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