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Posted: 01 Mar 2010, 17:04
by ashinbrot

I'm trying to use SaveBoundaryValues to save the values of Displacement.Load.2 at Boundary "Fixed" to a file.

Can I perhaps view an example of this code that works, since mine doesn't?


Re: SaveBoundaryValues

Posted: 02 Mar 2010, 06:03
by ashinbrot
Answering my own post:

This gets me where I want to go (building on raback's answer to the Gradient question, further down the thread):

Solver 2
Procedure="SaveData" "SaveScalars"
Calculate Loads = True
Operator 1=boundary sum
Variable 1=Displacement loads 2

and then in the Boundary Condition statement of interest:

Save Scalars=Logical True

Probably not elegant, but it got me what I wanted.