Scattered2DDataInterpolator segfault with latest nn version

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Scattered2DDataInterpolator segfault with latest nn version

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Hi all,
I am compiling latest Elmer/Ice on Ubuntu 20.04 with a mix of instructions from here, here and the script found inside the virtual appliance.
With the latest version of nn, the Scattered2DDataInterpolator solver (e.g. within the test under elmerice/examples/Test_Scattered2DDataInterpolator) gives a segfault at Scattered2DDataInterpolator.F90:477 (call nnpi_interpolate_points(nin,pin,w,nout,pout)).

Using 2 years old nn commit d540ffe09c7af09060360bc5cc44c68c41f6dd94 the Scattered2DDataInterpolator works fine.

If the same happens on other systems (or the virtual appliance), it might be worth adding a note to the documentation. If instead the problem is only mine, I would be curious to understand why...

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