How to make eigenmode animation for Paraview?

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How to make eigenmode animation for Paraview?

Post by brorson »


I am currently trying to make an eigenmode animation for Paraview. I am specifically trying to get the tuning fork demo ( going.

I used to be able to target ElmerPost as the output of an eigenmode analysis, and ElmerPost would show the tuning fork's oscillations as shown in the video at the above site. However, I am not able to get Paraview to show oscillations, and I don't think Elmer is actually computing them. I do know how to get Paraview to run through a series of time snapshots, so I think my problem is with configuring Elmer correctly.

Please find my .sif file below. Is there anything I am missing which will enable animations in Paraview?


Mesh DB "." "."
Include Path ""
Results Directory ""

Max Output Level = 5
Coordinate System = Cartesian
Coordinate Mapping(3) = 1 2 3
Simulation Type = Steady state
Steady State Max Iterations = 1
Output Intervals = 1
Timestepping Method = BDF
BDF Order = 1
Solver Input File = case.sif
! Post File = case.ep
Post File = case.vtu

Gravity(4) = 0 -1 0 9.82
Stefan Boltzmann = 5.67e-08
Permittivity of Vacuum = 8.8542e-12
Boltzmann Constant = 1.3807e-23
Unit Charge = 1.602e-19

Body 1
Target Bodies(1) = 1
Name = "Body 1"
Equation = 1
Material = 1

Solver 1
Equation = Linear elasticity
Eigen System Values = 15
Procedure = "StressSolve" "StressSolver"
Variable = -dofs 3 Displacement
Eigen System Select = Smallest magnitude
Eigen Analysis = True
Exec Solver = Always
Stabilize = True
Bubbles = False
Lumped Mass Matrix = False
Optimize Bandwidth = True
Steady State Convergence Tolerance = 1.0e-5
Nonlinear System Convergence Tolerance = 1.0e-7
Nonlinear System Max Iterations = 20
Nonlinear System Newton After Iterations = 3
Nonlinear System Newton After Tolerance = 1.0e-3
Nonlinear System Relaxation Factor = 1
Linear System Solver = Direct
Linear System Direct Method = Umfpack
Linear System Convergence Tolerance = 1e-10

Equation 1
Name = "Equation 1"
Active Solvers(1) = 1

Material 1
Name = "Aluminium (6061)"
Mesh Poisson ratio = 0.33
Density = 2712.63066
Poisson ratio = 0.33
Youngs modulus = 68.9e9
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Re: How to make eigenmode animation for Paraview?

Post by kevinarden »

I modeled a tuning fork and used your sif file to calculate a mode shape, except I changed te non-linear iterations to 1 to save time. In a linear direct analysis, non-linear iterations do not change the answer.

I was then able to animate the mode in paraview following these directions ... 41077.html
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