How to use AIFlow Solver ?

Extension of Elmer in computational glaciology
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How to use AIFlow Solver ?

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I try to use AIFlow and Fabric Solver to model the ice sheet fabric evolution.
I just copy/paste AIFlow Solver from Elmer/Ice WiKi. While running, it stop with error:

ERROR:ElementInfo:Bubbles for element : 706 are not implemented.
ERROR:ElementInfo:Please use p-element basis instead.

what's wrong with it?

Another question is how to set the initialized fabric field. Whether can it be read and written from file ?


Bangbing Wang
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Re: How to use AIFlow Solver ?

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sorry, the AIFlow solver use the residual free bubbles method described in Baiocchi et al. (1993).
Bubbles are not implemented for prismatic elements (706).
So for the moment you can not use the AIFlow solver with 706 elements.

The fabric field is initialised through the values of the 2nd order orienation tensor components at each node.
Maybe the best is to write your own user function to do this initialisation or alternatives could be to use the netcdf reader?


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