ElmerGUI manual and tutorials on public repository

The graphical user interface of Elmer
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ElmerGUI manual and tutorials on public repository

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Hi All,

In an continued process to open Elmer code and documentation we just put the ElmerGUI manual and Elmer tutorials open for public repository.


These are pubilshed under (cc) BY-NC. The main change is that as the source files are available people may write derived work of these for their own courses, for example. Also it could be possible to transfer some tutorials with moderate effort to native online formats (html, md, etc.).

Most of these documents have been written by the Elmer team at CSC. A notable exception is the recent upgrade on ElmerGUI which is a great contribution Saeki in the spirit of open source.

This opening does not yet apply to ElmerSolver manual and Elmer Models Manual.

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