Acoustic wave propagation and reflection

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Acoustic wave propagation and reflection

Post by AlexeyKH »

Hello All,
I'm very beginner to Elmer and FEA methods.
I would like to simulate (visual presentation later) single wave propagation inside closed "box" with different obstacles.
So I can replace those obstacles, and rerun the calculation.
2D will be enough, but of course in 3D it will looks better :))))
By simulate I mean, first calculate the values in Elmer.
And then create a "movie" in software like Paraview.

I already looked to Acoustic example that is provided for ElemerGUI.
But unfortunately didn't find any example that can fit my needs.

1.Is there any other examples that I should look in that can help me?
2.In the example "AcousticWaves", how can I create time step calculation? so the pressure will move over time?
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Re: Acoustic wave propagation and reflection

Post by kevinarden »

There are other examples in the test file cases, although the come with no write up ... /fem/tests

This document is good to read ... dElmer.pdf

And you can search this forum for acoustic wave propagation using the search, in the upper right

There a "Contributed Cases" in this forum that posts cases worked through, some deal with wave propogation.

And finally to switch steady state to transient go to model setup, change simulation type to transient, input a timestep size and interval.
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