Default value for "Setup -> Coordinate Scaling"

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Default value for "Setup -> Coordinate Scaling"

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Dear Elmer Forum members,

I have a question regarding the default value setting for Coordinate Scaling in the Elmer setup window. I'm curious to know where to set the default value for this parameter. I'm working on Windows and was not able to find something in the *.efg or *.ini files.

My current workflow is FreeCAD->SETP->gmsh.exe->msh->elmer, so that 0.001 Coordinate Scaling is consistently required for SI units due to gmsh default conventions (SETP files with unit in meter or mmilli meter are converted to mm).

Any information or suggestions regarding the location or method to modify the default value of Coordinate Scaling would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and expertise!

Best regards,

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Re: Default value for "Setup -> Coordinate Scaling"

Post by Rich_B »


To do what you ask entails compiling ElmerGUI from source. I tried it and it works.

In ElmerGUI\Application\forms\generalsetup.ui
<item row="5" column="1">
<widget class="QLineEdit" name="coordinateScalingEdit">
<property name="text">
change line 444 from: <string/>

change to: <string>0.001</string>

and compile.

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