[WhitneyAVSolver] What is Air Gap Length keyword?

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[WhitneyAVSolver] What is Air Gap Length keyword?

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Hi all,

I'm trying to fix an issue I'm encountering with an Elmer simulation. To do this, I've been digging around in the test cases on the Elmer GitHub. I found a test case called mgdyn_air_gap_force. Inside the case.sif file, there is a reference to the keyword Air Gap Length on line 144. I went a dug through the WhitneyAVSolver.F90 file on GitHub and can see that the solver does look for this keyword (see line 995).

I can't seem to find any information about this keyword. Can somebody please provide me with an explanation of what it does? I'm hoping this keyword might just be able to help me resolve the issue (if you have advice for me about my issue, please see this discussion) I'm having with my sim.

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