CoilSolver problems with boundary layers and parallel processing

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CoilSolver problems with boundary layers and parallel processing

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I am trying to solve a case (following this article where three AC coils are generating volume force in a metal volume. Initially I am not interested about the generated liquid metal velocity and would like to only calculate the electromagnetic part of the problem.

I have previously calculated similar cases with "MagnetoDynamics" solver by simply defining current density as a volume force. However, it is not so easy to define volume force if coils are not axially symmetrical. So for this task I decided to use CircuitBuilder and CoilSolver and followed the provided tutorial case here: ... d/harmonic

The tutorial case runs fine with single process as well as in parallel. However, there were couple of problems with my case.
First, my case did not converge with a mesh that has boundary layers.

ERROR:: IterSolve: Numerical Error: System diverged over maximum tolerance.

Later I learned that the case converges if I use mesh without boundary layers. However, there was another problem. Turns out there is a segmentation fault error if I use parallel processing.

Backtrace for this error:

Program received signal SIGSEGV: Segmentation fault - invalid memory reference.

I used

Code: Select all

ElmerGrid 2 2 meshElmer -metis 6
to make partitions.

Does CoilSolver support mesh with prisms?
Does someone know how to fix these problems?

Not working with boundary layers
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Working case w/o boundary layers
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