Improved strategies for accurate capacitance matrix compuation

Numerical methods and mathematical models of Elmer
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Improved strategies for accurate capacitance matrix compuation

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There has recently been some work to improve the capacitance matrix computation of Elmer. This is a features that has been in Elmer code since many years but rather recently the features we made compatible with adaptive mesh refinements (AMR), p-elements, curved boundaries etc. The single one most important feature for accurate results is use of suitable p-elements (maybe 2-4 order). This is made efficient by the use of p-multigrid. The adaptivity requires MMG3D library which may not be easily compiled so this may be more difficult to take into use. The p-elements should scale pretty well in parallel whereas AMR may have some issues in parallel.

For more details see the recent commit here: ... OfTwoBalls

We would be interested hearing whether this provides improvements for your computations.

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