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Github Cloning

Post by diracdyson »

Since the Elmer tutorials are public I thought I would be able to clone the GitHub repo for example using the terminal command has never given me issues but when using the command:
'git clone ... CoilQuench'

I receive the error
'Cloning into 'SuperconductingCoilQuench'...
fatal: repository ' ... oilQuench/' not found'

Is it possible the admins of the repo have some security setting or is this due to my local device GitHub account configuration? Has anyone else been able to git clone the Elmer repos( I am able to clone my owns repos, I disconnected my GitHub and reconnected and still unable to clone the Elmer tutorials) ? Thank you for your time and help.
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Re: Github Cloning

Post by kevinarden » ... CoilQuench

is not a repository

is a repository

git clone

you get all of the sub-folders but you can delete what you do not want
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