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ElmerGui calculations

Posted: 19 Jan 2024, 18:58
by busrasahh
Hello, there is excessive vibration in the structure due to the machines of a factory. Does it make sense to use Elmer to solve this? Can we calculate vibration in Elmer?

Re: ElmerGui calculations

Posted: 19 Jan 2024, 22:53
by kevinarden
You can use Elmer to calculate vibration. Excessive vibration in structure to machines is caused by the operating frequency of the machinery being to close in resonance with the structure frequency, often referred to as resonance. If a rotary machine is operating at 60 Hz than excessive vibrations will be experience if the structure is close to that frequency.
resonance.png (82.81 KiB) Viewed 880 times
Many just keep bracing the structure until it is stiff enough to avoid the resonance (trial and error), however isolation is the other option. (mounting the machines on soft mounts so the vibrations won't transmit into the structure.

Elmer can calculate the frequencies of the structure to determine how much in resonance it is, and if modifications are enough to change the structure frequency out of resonance.

Re: ElmerGui calculations

Posted: 19 Jan 2024, 23:09
by kevinarden
This is an example of a forced vibration analysis where the load is applied at various frequencies to determine where it goes in resonance to the structure.