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courses:ige2017 [Elmer/Ice Wiki]

Advanced Elmer/Ice Workshop - IGE 2017

IGE (France) in cooperation with CSC (Finland) organized a 3-day advanced Elmer/Ice workshop from 22nd to 24th November 2017. This course was sponsored by the Labex OSUG@2020. You can find below all the material and presentations from this workshop.

Course type presentations

Title Presentation Material
Introduction pdf -
Grounding Line dynamics - Stokes pdf -
Calving models in Elmer/Ice pdf Joe's example in Tests tgz
Inverse methods pdf -
Parallel computing (Block pre-conditioner for Stokes) pdf tgz
Hydrology and friction pdf -
Programming your own solver/user functions pdf tgz
Lower-order Stokes model pdf -
Contributing code to Elmer(/Ice) pdf -
Post-processing included in other slides -
Anisotropic Mesh Adaptation pdf

Users presentations

Title Name Presentation
Inverse methods for bed geometry Johannes Fürst pdf
Thermal Regime of Glaciers Adrien Gilbert pdf
Ocean and Ice coupling Nicolas Jourdain pdf
Ocean and Ice coupling Rupert Gladstone pdf
Rate and state friction law for hard bed glaciers Kjetil Thogersen pdf
Development of a Level Set approach to model complex biphasic media Kevin Fourteau pdf
3D modelling of ice rise in Antarctica Clemens Schannwell pdf
Ice flow modelling to constrain SMB and ice discharge in Patagonia Gabriella Collao pdf
Modelling permafrost Denis Cohen pdf
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