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solvers:calving3d [Elmer/Ice Wiki]


This page describes the solver Calving3D which computes crevasse depth and predicts calving events in the 3D calving model.

In addition to the main solver, Calving3D makes use of two auxiliary solvers which must be present in the SIF: Calving Isosurface, ProjectCalving.

Solver Options

Solver 19
  Equation = "3D Calving"
  Exec Solver = "After Timestep"
  Procedure = "ElmerIceSolvers" "Find_Calving3D"
  Solver Timing = Logical True

  Variable = String "Calving"
  Variable DOFs = 3

  Exported Variable 1 = -dofs 1 "CIndex"
  Exported Variable 1 DOFs = 1

  Calving Search Distance = Real 3000.0
  Calving Mesh Min LC = Real 30.0
  Calving Mesh Max LC = Real 100.0
  Calving Mesh LC Min Dist = Real 500.0
  Calving Mesh LC Max Dist = Real 1500.0

  Calving Append Name = String "$namerun"" !"
  Calving Move Mesh Dir = String "./results/"

  Project Calving Equation Name = String "CalvingProjection"
  Isosurface Equation Name = String "Calving Isosurface"
  Crevasse Penetration Threshold = Real 0.2 !this is the upper limit of average intact ice
  Minimum Calving Event Size = Real 1.0 !minimum front displacement length
  Pause Solvers Minimum Iceberg Volume = Real 1.0E6

  Linear System Solver = Iterative
  Linear System Iterative Method = BiCGStab
  Linear System Max Iterations  = 2000
  Linear System Preconditioning = ILU1
  Linear System Convergence Tolerance = 1.0e-9
  Linear System Abort Not Converged = False

Solver 11
  Equation = "CalvingProjection"
  Procedure = File "ElmerIceSolvers" "ProjectCalving"
  Exec Solver = "Never" !auxiliary solver called by Calving3D
  Solver Timing = Logical True

  Basal Crevasse Model = Logical True
  Surface Crevasse Model = Logical True

  Calving Stress Variable Name = String "Stress"
  Plane Permutation(3) = Integer 1 3 2
  Volume Permutation(3) = Integer 1 3 2

Solver 24
  Exec Solver = "Never" !auxiliary solver called by Calving3D
  Equation = "Calving Isosurface"
  Procedure = File "Isosurface" "IsosurfaceSolver"

  Isosurface Variable = String "ave_cindex"
  Isosurface Value = Real 0.0
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