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solvers:flotation [Elmer/Ice Wiki]

Solver Flotation

General Informations

  • Solver Fortran File: Flotation.F90
  • Solver Name: Flotation
  • Required Output Variable(s): Zb (or Variable name prescribed by Bottom Surface Name), Zs (or Variable name prescribed by Top Surface Name)
  • Required Input Variable(s): H (or Variable name prescribed by Thickness Variable Name)
  • Optional Output Variable(s): GroundedMask, bedrock, DZbDt, DZsDt
  • Optional Input Variable(s): None

General Description

The aim of this solver is to apply the flotation criterion to compute the top and bottom surface elevation, knowing the ice thickness. In general it will be used with the SSA Solver and Thickness Solver

The bottom surface elevation z_b is computed as:

z_b=z_sea - H rho_i / rho_w where H is the ice thickness, z_sea is the (sea) water level elevation, rho_i is the mean ice density and rho_w is the (sea) water density.

  • If the bedrock variable is present, z_b=max(z_b,bedrock)
  • If the GroundedMask variable is present:
    • GroundedMask=1 where z_b=bedrock (grounded ice)
    • GroundedMask=-1 where z_b>bedrock (floating ice)
    • GroundedMask=0 at the grounding line (list of nodes where z_b=bedrock but the nodes belong to at least one grounded (all nodes grounded) and one floating (at leat one node floating) element

The top surface elevation z_s is then simply given as z_s = z_b + H

If the variable DZbDt and/or DZsDt are present then the elevation change is given as dz/dt={Delta z} / {Delta t}

SIF contents

 Sea level = Real .... !z_sea
 Water Density = Real ... !rho_w 

Material 1
  SSA Mean Density = Real  ... !rho_i 

Solver 3
   Equation = "Flotation"
   Procedure = "ElmerIceSolvers" "Flotation"
   Variable =  "GroundedMask"

   Exported Variable 1 = -dofs 1 "Zs"
   Exported Variable 2 = -dofs 1 "Zb"
   Exported Variable 3 = -dofs 1 "bedrock"


For examples look in your elmer source distribution under

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