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solvers:mmg2d_metricintersect [Elmer/Ice Wiki]

General Information

  • Solver Fortran File: MMG2D_MetricIntersect.F90
  • Solver Name: ElmerIce_MeshAdapt2D(MMG2D_MetricIntersect)
  • Required Output Variable(s):
    • (1) Metric 1_2
  • Required Input Variable(s):
    • (1) Metric 1
    • (2) Metric 2
  • Optional Output Variable(s): None
  • Optional Input Variable(s): None

General Description

This is a pseudo solver (i.e. it is not solving an equation).

This solver is used for the mesh adaptation (Mesh Adaptation) to perform the intersection of two anisotropic metric M_1 and M_2.

The intersection M_{1∩2}=M_1 ∩ M_2 of two metrics M_1 and M_2 is given by (Alauzet et al., 2007):

M_{1∩2}=^{T}P^{-1} (matrix{2}{2}{{max(mu^1_{1},mu^2_{1})} 0  0 {max(mu^1_{2},mu^2_{2})}})P^{-1}

with P the matrix where the columns are the normalised eigenvectors (e_i)_{i=1,2}, of N=M^{-1}_{1}M_2 and μ^j_{i}=^{T}e_{i}M_{j}e_i.

M_1 and M_2 can be computed using the MMG2D_MetricAniso Solver.

A variable containing the metric M_i must have 3 dofs (M_{11},M_{22},M_{12}).

SIF contents

Solver 6
   Equation = "Metric"
   Variable = -nooutput dumy

   Procedure = "ElmerIce_MeshAdapt2D" "MMG2D_MetricIntersect"

  Optimize Bandwidth = False

   Metric Variable Name = String "M1M2"
   Metric 1 Variable Name = String "M2"
   Metric 2 Variable Name = String "M1"

   Exported Variable 1 = -dofs 3 "M1M2"


An example for anisotropic mesh adaptation using 2 varaibles can be found under [ELMER_TRUNK]/elmerice/Tests/MMG2D_Aniso2.

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