Elmer version control transition: SVN to be closed on Feb 9

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Elmer version control transition: SVN to be closed on Feb 9

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Dear Elmer Users and Developers

As you may have already noticed the Elmer project is moving from SVN to Git. At the same time we will irreversibly abandon GNU autotools in favor of cmake.

The current repository can be found at:

And the new one at:

The old SVN repository will be closed for commits on the 9th of February. We will have a few days of internal transition period that will port all new features from the current SVN version to GitHub and should be finished by 13th of February. After that you may sent pull requests to Elmer administrator at GitHub.

Who does this affect? It mainly affects those who want to contribute to the Elmer project. We will write further instructions on how the workflow on GitHub will go about. If you have some ongoing developments you can commit the until the old repository is closed for commits.

Also if you're compiling yourself this will have an effect since you should not use the SVN version any longer as it will be frozen in its current state (but still available). The new features will only be available at the Git repository. That means that you also have to update your compilation procedure.

If you use precompiled binaries you have probably been using the GitHub based version already for some time and you will not see any change.

In the post below you can find minimal instructions about different ways to obtain the GitHub based Elmer version whether you use the binary version or compile yourself

This post clarifies some of the reasons why we are leaving GNU autotools
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Best Regards,
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