Elmer Intensive Course, Sep 7th 2011

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Elmer Intensive Course, Sep 7th 2011

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Dear Elmer users,

There will be an Elmer Intensive Course taking place on 7th of September 2011. Elmer Intensive Course is intended for people who want to dwell quickly into to the world of Elmer. The participants should preferably have some background in the solution of partial differential equations. The course will give an overall picture of Elmer software suite, cover the use of the graphical user interface (ElmerGUI), the manual manipulation of the command file, and even some simple user defined functions. The program consists of lectures given by the Elmer developers and guided hands-on training sessions. After the course the participants should be able to solve standard modeling problems themselves and have overall knowledge on the features of Elmer software.

More information and registration form on the courses may be found at:
http://www.csc.fi/csc/kurssit/arkisto/e ... se_sep2011

The deadline for registration (and cancellation) is Septempber the 2nd at 10 am.

If you're travelling from further away you may enquire of a possibility of some in-depth discussion the day before or after.

Best regards,
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