Elmer Webinar series? Call for presentations!

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Elmer Webinar series? Call for presentations!

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Hi All,

The past year has been challenging. We have been thinking about how to best adapt to the still ranging pandemic. We came up with the idea to organize some webinar series where people around the world could present how they use Elmer in their work.

The content could be mostly about use of Elmer in engineering. The great Elmer/Ice community has already been very active virtually and the remaining applications are mostly on engineering topics. Probably the electromagnetics usage is at the moment the most active one so I would expect many presentations to come from there. However, any application field is welcome.

There has not been an Elmer basic course for some time. So one idea is to integrate some basic presentations that with online material could also serve the purpose of teaching Elmer to new users.

The webinars could take place at once a week in the afternoon Helsinki time (say ~15 EET) which would make it at least thinkable to follow the presentation in real-time also from Asia (evening) and East-Cost of USA (morning). We would provide the necessary hosting capabilities to give webinars and manage the participants. Ideally the webinars would also be recorded (with the consent of the presenter) and made available also for the future. The time-slot for the webinar could be between 30-60 minutes depending on the wishes.

Currently I'm gathering interest of potential speakers and already have a few that have promised to contribute.

Could you imagine giving a talk in March-May of 2021? If possible you could already give a tentative title?

The bar for the presentation should not be set too high. Of course it should include the use of Elmer but it may be also conjunction of other tools and modeling challenges. Hence you could take some of your scientific presentation and maybe just add some slide on the role of Elmer. Ideally you could share some case files but that is certainly not necessary.

If you're interested please sent me a personal message. If you have some general comments or wishes for the webinar series you could write them here as well.

After the initial presentations are exhausted the webinar series could continue more infrequently when suitable topics arise. What the past year has shown is that the threshold for traveling to see presentations may be quite a bit higher in the future.

Best regards,
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