VxB fof WhitneyAVHarmonic

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VxB fof WhitneyAVHarmonic

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I am using WhitneyAVSolver as a reference and trying to implement VxB term into WhitneyAVHarmonicSolver and CalcFields.
Next step is sending conductive fluid velocity from OpenFOAM to Elmer. I think that from Elmer side I need to feed this velovity to the variable "lorentz_velo(3,27)".

1) Isn't it coded in such way that lorentz_velo is homogenious? In WhitneyAVSolver I cannot see any spatial dependence for lorentz_velo.
2) If lorentz_velo is implemented in such way that it is inhomogenious, will the solver converge?

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Re: VxB fof WhitneyAVHarmonic

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Yeah, the "lorentz_velo" refers to nodal interpolant to nodes of the current element of the real valued vector variable "Lorentz velocity" appearing in the sif file.

So in the sif file you could have

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Lorentz velocity 1 = variable coordinate 2
real matc "-tx"
Lorentz velocity 2 = variable coordinate 1
real matc "tx"
and this will correspond to field rotating around z-axis.

For rotating fields there's also the "Angular velocity" where you give w in $v = w \times r$ (where r is the position vector).

So the Lorentz velocity can be pretty much anything because it is treated as a normal elmer variable.

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