Coupling of models

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Coupling of models

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I use two models to solve my physical problem, i.e. I am solvimg my problem partially in 3D and partially in 2D which is projection of 3D geometry in x-y plane.
In other words, one model is upon 2D geometry, and second model is upon 3D geometry which is actually the 2D geometry extruded in z-direction.
After obtaining simulation results in 3D i manipulate those results and use them as an input file for 2D model.

Is there any clever and straightforward way in Elmer to couple these models geometries so that i have only one Elmer-model (or geometry) and in effect for my 2D model simulation in that way becomes just post-processing of 3D simulation (currently it is new model simulation). In other words, it would be great if i could only use something like GetLocalSolution subroutine and pull in that way result-data from 3D solver to 2D solver. I doubt it's possible, but...


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Re: Coupling of models

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Hi Spanda

This should be no problem. Any equation can live on a boundary, just add "Body Id" to that and it will be treated as a new body where you can define equations as for a higher dimensional entities.

There is a solver called "StructuredProjectToPlane" that can map all kinds of data from extruded meshes to plane, but also vice verse, I think. So you should perform this solver between the 2D and 3D physics solvers.

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