MHD Benchmark

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MHD Benchmark

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Can anyone please advise me on a 2D MHD Benchmark problem w.r.t availabilty in books/journals, etc.? Thanks in advance.
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Re: MHD Benchmark

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Have you looked at the discussion on the Haartman problem:
There seems to be two simple consistency tests to "mhd" and "mhd2" among the tests.

Initially there was a nodal magnetics solver for 3D flows (related to silicon plasma flows). However, if you have jumps in reluctivity then you must use edge element versions and compute the vector potential. There does not seem to be mhd test cases with that solver.

If your problem has high Reynolds number then you might take a look at EOF library that effectively couples Elmer and OpenFOAM:

MHD has not really been in the focus of development. Elmer might have most of the stuff needed but the field could use some pioneers.

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