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General information

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Welcome to Elmer Discussion Forum!

The forum was launched in 20 Aug. 2009. It is intended to replace the mailing list elmerdicussion.

The archive of elmerdiscussion contains thousands of posts by hundreds of users since 2005.
If you can not find an answer to you question here, please try searching from the mail archive.

Some general guide lines for posting here:
  • If you start a new topic, pay attention to the subject line - it should be descriptive.
  • The maximum attachment size is 1MB. No more than three attachments per post.
  • Do not attach overly wide figures. The recommended maximum width is 640 pixels.
  • Bigger files and figures should be hosted elsewhere.
This site has BBCode activated. You can use it to format your posts and for linking to external sites.

There has been problems with spamming on this forum. For that purpose user accounts are at times accepted by admins. If you want to ensure that you're admitted to the forum try to look like a real person. For example, do not use hotmail address, or email address with a running number as part of the address.

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