Application fields of Elmer

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What are your main application fields of Elmer?

Heat transfer
Fluid mechanics
Solid mechanics
Quantum mechanics
Something else (please specify)
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Application fields of Elmer

Post by raback »

It would be interesting to know in what application fields Elmer mostly used in. You may also comment what fields or equations should be further developed to better meet your needs. Also if you solve coupled problems what are the typical combinations?
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Re: Application fields of Elmer

Post by buch »

My mostly used field is solid mechanics, and I'm looking for anisotropic and elastoplastic models equations, with damage and body contact capabilities.
I also use fluid mechanics and heat transfer fields.
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Re: Application fields of Elmer

Post by thinktank1985 »

I am presently trying to adapt the solver to solve a viscoelastic fluid problem, along with stress relaxation. I hope it will be possible the problem using Elmer.
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Re: Application fields of Elmer

Post by wolf3d »

Hi everybody,

Before answering the question of application fields iam using already I want to tell that iam interested in fluid mechanics with free surface flow (channel flow, flow through constructions e.g.) mainly. So I want to use Elmer in respect of fluid mechanics (solver for Navier - Stokes equ.) if I come to the conclusion it is the best tool for me.
Due to the fact iam an absolut beginner in 3d-simulation (my experience comes from 2d-flow models) I want to ask the discussion forum:
  • - if Elmer is able for solving free surface problems and what specific experience with Elmer is available yet? I want to build models of geometric structures with constant flow and natural rivers (subsections with complex flow situations) with transient flow as well: Is Elmer the appropriate tool for this yet?

    - What about the stability of the free surface solver (I read about "Kinematic Free Surface Equation with Limiters" in the docu)?

    - What about the wetting and drying problem? Different software have serious problems with this phenomenon.

    - I noticed that salome is a possible mesh generator for preprocessing and paraview a free tool for postprocessing and visualization.Are there other tools for pre-/postprocessing availabel which suite better for my application in flow simulation?
I would appreciate your recommendations.

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Re: Application fields of Elmer

Post by Captain Slow »

Hi Guys,

I'm completely new to Elmer, (downloaded it about 2 hours ago!) but am hoping to use it to solve a fluid dynamics problem, hopefully incorporating the bending of a cantilever.
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Re: Application fields of Elmer

Post by SqFKYo »

I'm trying to couple AC current with vibroacoustics, so I take that's eletromagnetics and solid mechanics :).

In more detail:
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Re: Application fields of Elmer

Post by iczajka »

I'm trying to use elmer mainly in Acoustics
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Re: Application fields of Elmer

Post by Daniel »

Hi there,
as some others I'm relativly new to Elmer.
I just started to work on my doctor thesis with some (not yet really exactly specified) topic about multiphysics simulation.
The Problem to solve is an AC asynchronous induction motor used as a pump, which is how I guess some really difficult to solve- problem, with nearly every physical field in it. This means electricity, fluidmechanics, linear elasticity and heat conduction as well as radiation.

So you see, this gonna be a hard work for Elmer :-)

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Re: Application fields of Elmer

Post by petroo »

Hello @all,

I am currently using Elmer to study differences in heat spreading in structured walls of buildings with the intention to assess the urgency of heat insulation. The idea is to measure the heat conductance in walls of unknown internal structure and "reverse engineer" their likely structure by comparison of measurements to a library of simulated outside temperature distributions caused by heating impulses imposed on the wall from the inside side. Accordingly, the presently put to work domain is the rather simple materials based heat conductance, but with the complication of adjacent materials of different thermal behaviours. My main obstacle w/r/to the simulation itself is the physically sensible/correct definition of internal material interfaces (e.g. brick to cement, steel enforcements to beton, ...)

In future I want to use Elmer to simulate heat flows and obtain temperature conditions in a more complex solar radiation collector system, featuring different radiation paths for directed visible and diffuse infra-red radiation. I expect this class of problems to be a real multi-physical approach, combining effects of radiative heat transfer, volumetric absorption, surface radiation absorption, and heat conductance in adjacent walls and media.

I use Linux machines to work on these issues, typically in the range of the emerging QuadCore processors. I am still in my orientation phase which grid definition and meshing programs to use. Presently I lean towards Salomé as it supports quite complex constructive geometry objects, but I am open to different suggestions.

I'd love to cooperate with other scientists/engineers dealing with similar tasks and discuss the various aspects and potential pitfalls of approaches and solutions.

Kind regards, and polite thanks to the Elmer team that already provided some valuable information that helped me getting started,

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Re: Application fields of Elmer

Post by madstamm »

I am trying to model a reluctance motor... so heavy use of magnetostatics is predicted!
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