Application fields of Elmer

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What are your main application fields of Elmer?

Heat transfer
Fluid mechanics
Solid mechanics
Quantum mechanics
Something else (please specify)
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Re: Application fields of Elmer

Post by eraikkon »


and thanks for the very good software! I use currently Heat Equation and Linear Elasticity solvers, and would be interested
in having anisotropic thermal conductivity in the Heat Equation solver, similarly to the already implemented
anisotropic thermal expansion (use 5.5.0.svn.4214.dfsg-1ubuntu2 at the moment).
Misguided Monkey
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Re: Application fields of Elmer

Post by Misguided Monkey »

Hello! I am primarily interested in using Elmer for magnetostatics. I have used FEMM for 2d problems, but need 3d and multiphysics. What I really need in Elmer is a way to model permanent magnets.
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Re: Application fields of Elmer

Post by pmanandhar »

I am trying to use electrostatics, mechanics and electrochemistry... for mechanical strain sensors using electrochemical principles.
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Re: Application fields of Elmer

Post by tzwinger »

There are about 10 - 20 users (with a core of about 5 high level users) in Earth Sciences, mainly in Geophysical Fluid Mechanics in Glaciology, spread over the globe that I think should be presented in this statistics.
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Re: Application fields of Elmer

Post by davost »

I want to use the StatMagSolver and the Heat equation solver to design a inductor coil safely with respect to heating and preformance.
john quinn
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Re: Application fields of Elmer

Post by john quinn »

Comsol are the only viable alternative to elmer in bioprocess engineering and biosensing. I have not seen such an application in Elmer with the exception of the heart contraction simulation. I am looking at modeling a biosensor and this is usually performed using custom software and prohibits use by the non-expert. I think Elmer is not that hard to figure out for non-coders as long as the apropriate solvers are available so even a biochemist can get some interesting results.

I am finally getting some good data from my simulation but I have two questions on saving data.
I am using the following solver parameters to save the concentration of my convected species within a flow cell at a distance of 0.5um from the bottom surface. I am getting what appear to be realistic values. Do these values represent the analyte concentration at this line or something else? This line is draw at a fraction of an element and Im not sure what "intersection with the element faces" from the model manual really means.
Also is there a description somewhere on how to export and plot these line values in time stepping mode from ElmerPost to LiveGraph?

I am using Navier-Stokes and Advection-Diffusion solvers.

Solver 3
Equation = "SaveLine"
Exec Solver = "after timestep"
Procedure = File "SaveData" "SaveLine"
Filename = "bottomsurf.dat"
File Append = Logical True
Variable 1 = String "Coordinate 1"
Variable 2 = String "Analyte"
Polyline Coordinates (2,2) = Real 1e-3 0.5e-6 1.01E-3 0.5e-6
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Re: Application fields of Elmer

Post by TobiasF »

At home, I use Elmer for elasticity problems (calculating eigenmodes just for fun, for example those of bells).
At university, I want to establish Elmer in our work group as alternative for comsol; needed is simulation of 'heat transfer' and 'fluid'.
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Re: Application fields of Elmer

Post by danielgboyle »

Hi. I am interested in solving dynamic electromagnetics coupled with current and there are also circuits connected to the magnets. As I understand it Elmer does not have a circuit solver so I will have to try and write one. :D

I have been very impressed so far. I just compiled it onto my system.
sebastien ROUQUETTE
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Re: Application fields of Elmer

Post by sebastien ROUQUETTE »

i am interested in modelling and simulating the multiphysics Gas Tungsten Arc Welding process: heat transfer + fluid flow (weld pool) + Electromagnetism + free surface (on weld pool).
To start with (has i installed Elmer last thursday on my computer) i will begin with the heat transfer problem then with the heat transfer + fluid flow with using and artificial viscosity for the material (high viscosity = solid and low viscosity = in the weld pool part when the metal has melt).

Well i don't go into details... as soon as i will progress i will post a tutorial of my GTAW simulation.

Anybody is interest about this topic (arc welding modellin and simulation feel free to contact me).

To be fair: i'm comparing with the so well known Comsol software ... in order to not rely on this one (expensive) and... to share my knoledge with other scientist.
Cheers ago
Rouquette Sébastien
University of Montpellier / Mechanical and Civil Engineering Lab. / Welding Group
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Re: Application fields of Elmer

Post by Brummig »

I've been working with 3D electrostatic simulations of various designs of capacitive sensor. Previously this required a lot of guesswork, and there was little in the way of explanation when things didn't work as expected. Elmer is beginning to lift the veil, though figuring out all the various tools (including how to do the spatial meshing) has proved a steep learning curve. Many thanks to the authors for making Elmer freely available; it is a most useful piece of software and eminently affordable.
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