How to mesh a cylinder in a square channel using elmergrid?

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How to mesh a cylinder in a square channel using elmergrid?

Post by jeep96 »

I have been studying the ElmerGrid and ElmerTutorial manuals. I wish to model a pipe with internal heat flow and cooling fluid on the outside in a square flow channel, as would exist in a single tube of a heat exchanger. Tutorial 11 of the manual entitled "Thermal flow in a curved pipe" gives me the pipe part, once I eliminated the "curve", LOL. But I am stumped as to how to warp a square channel around the pipe in this example. Eventually I would like to replace all the holes in the example of P-23 of the Elmergrid manual: Square with holes: holes.grd with pipes, but for now I will settle for just a single channel.

Would I just use the "new Mesh" feature? I could not find an example of it's use in the manual.

start New Mesh
The format includes the possibility to generate multiple meshes using one input file. This keyword
invokes the start of a new mesh. All properties are inherited from the previous mesh and therefore the
new mesh may be defined only by few changes.

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Re: How to mesh a cylinder in a square channel using elmergrid?

Post by raback »

Hi Bruce

Structured meshes have certain advantages and but also certain disadvantages. They may sometimes be more accurate but it is more difficult to generate them in a complicated geometry.

My suggestion would be to use Gmsh.

ElmerGrid never aimed to be fully generic tool. It may be a nice tool if you need very simple forms. Also we use it often in tests because it comes with the package and is very economical. However, I would suggest not wasting too much time to learn it. It has an rather obscure logic. It is actually partly remnant of my Master's Thesis project where I also learned to code C at the same time ;-)

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