Reading Data

When dealing with real problems, real geometries and/or real datasets, there is the need of interpolating these data on the model mesh. Depending on the dataset format, different tools are available to help you doing that.

  • Data in netCDF format can be read and interpolated on the mesh using the GridDataReader solver. This solver is presented here and more information can be found in the Elmer documentation.
  • Data given as a 3-columns ASCII files (x,y,value) can be read and interpolated on the model mesh using the Scattered2DDataInterpolator. Natural neighbours interpolation or cubic spline approximation are possible for the interpolation of these data.
  • Data given as a structured 3-columns ASCII files (x,y,value) over a grid defined by its lower-left corner (x0,y0), its size length (lx,ly) and the number of grid cells in each direction (Nx,Ny) can be read using the Grid2DInterpolator. The interpolation is bilinear on the grid and efficient due to the structured nature of the grid.
  • Data given as a 3-columns ASCII file (x,y,value) can be read and interpolated with Pointwise (no documentation yet).
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